Lion Joke

Once upon a time, a lion, a tiger, and a bear were sitting on a hill. They were getting hungry. Below them, three men walked by, a Frenchman, an Italian and a Czech man. The lion said ‘I haven’t had French food in a while’. So, he ran off and ate the French man. The tiger said, ‘I’m hungry for some Italian food’. So, he ran off and ate the Italian man. The bear looked at the sole remaining man, and said ‘I guess it’s my turn to spring for the Czech’!

Lion Joke

Did you hear about the man who turned into a lion every night, and back into a man in the morning? It was actually simple. The man would crawl into his bed each night, and while he was sleeping, he was ‘a lion there’!

If you watch the “Lion King” closely enough, you can find a lot of “Simba-lisms” in there.

a sleeping lion

What’s the difference between Simba and OJ Simpson?  One’s an African lion the other is a lying African.

What do you call a lion wearing a stylish hat?  A dandy-lion.

How does a lion greet other animals in the wild?  Pleased to eat you!