There are no words to describe for what Walter Palmer did, not just to Cecil the lion, but to the other majestic animals that we share this planet with.  And to pay $55,000 to do it?  The guy has a little too much disposable income on his hands.  The dentist from Minnesota has closed his office and gone into hiding as he has received death threats.


Celebrities and the general public is asking for answers as to why and how the people of Zimbabwe allowed guides to lore the nation’s most famous lion beyond the safety of the Hwange National Park.  People hunt because people eat meat.  But to hunt for sport?  How can you even call it a sport?  A sport is an opponent playing against another opponent of equal skill and/or handicap.  A man with a weapon, crossbow or rifle is not on the same or equal playing field as a lion.


Cecil the lion

He’s a little chewy



Lion hunting down the dentist


Lion attacking dentist

The pride on the hunt for the dentist


We hope that Cecil the lion’s death doesn’t go in vain and not that we wish harm to the dentist, but wanted to share our versions of how the hunt should have gone.