Some of our favorite bee puns

About Bees

  • Favorite Flower: Bee-gonias
  • Favorite Vacation Spot: Stingapore
  • A Bee Born in May: Maybee
  • What bees do for a living: Cell their honey
  • Favorite Snack: Bumble Gum
  • Favorite Motto: Bee all that you can bee
  • Favorite Musician: Sting or Bee 52’s
  • Favorite Dance: Bee bop
  • Favorite Novel: “The Great Gats-bee”

All you have to do is “beelieve” in me
You kids better beehive
Quit pollen my leg

Nice boo bees
Nice Boo Bees

These bee puns are just winging it
You are such a buzz kill
That pun wasn’t exactly fit for a queen
You son-of-a-beech
It’s good to bee me

two bee or not two bee
Two Bee or Not Two Bee…

I’m completely bee-hind you
Good job, hive five

Q. What type of bee can’t make up its mind?
A. A maybee

Awww, don’t bee like that

It's a usbee
It’s a USBee

After bees build a new hive, they have a house-swarming party.

Another favorite place for bees to visit is Pollenis

These bee puns are as sweet as honey

Another favorite singer is Bee-yonce.

A bee that talks too low is called a mumble-bee

Q. What do you call a bee who is having a really bad hair day?
A. A frisbee (She should have used a honeycomb)

Some of these puns were un-bee-lievably funny

A bee that eats too much is a little chub-bee

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